Student Tips for Success

Health and Wellness Promotion students share a few tips for student success.

Our Department/Professors

“The HWP department professors are very understanding and caring towards their students, so don’t ever feel like you can’t talk to them.  They want to help you succeed.” Lauren Etheridge

“Don’t be afraid to get help when you do not understand something.” Lauren Halperin

“Reach out to your professors; they’ve spent years in the fields you’re learning about and will try to always help you.” Audrey Reifler


Campus and Community Involvement

"My experience doing Undergraduate Research is irreplaceable. I highly recommend independent research and study at UNCA for a real-world, practical college experience." Beth Lemmel

"Get involved with the opportunities for internships and for local community projects. These serve to teach us what first hand experiences within the health and wellness field truly give to our society." Kol Gold-Leighton



"It's hard to create a healthy balance in college among relationships, school work, or jobs. It's important to make time to keep our minds healthy.  Utilize the Health & Counseling Center, go for a walk, or try yoga with the Student Recreation Center." Maggie Jones

"Do things regularly with friends or classmates that don't include studying." Anne Squires

"Make time for yourself. Do your favorite activity or hobby." Ariana Weaver

"Wellness incorporates all facets of an individual’s life.  It is imperative to not look at wellness as simply physical health, and to include your mental, social and emotional health as well." Tim Roberts

“Try not to do more than you can handle (do not overwork yourself).” Lariel Bell

"When we recognize the potential impact that each of our daily choices can have, we are empowered by being informed. We can strengthen our health, our environment, our emotions, our relationships, our future with each choice." Lucy Wetzel


“Health is multidimensional.  Allow yourself to be open to new perspectives on health and then implement those you see as beneficial into your own life. Live by example.” Katie Barrett

“Being a student athlete throughout all four years of college has allowed me to develop a structured schedule out of chaos. It may seem hectic (because it is), but I’ve set priorities and managed my time efficiently so that it doesn’t overwhelm me any longer.  If I didn’t manage my time effectively, I would probably feel like I’m drowning in my own obligations.” Alessandra Troncoso

“Stress management is incredibly important. It’s necessary to take the time to figure out what reduces your stress, because college is stressful! Especially if you are focusing on things like jobs outside of school, relationships, and the like. We have lots of stress management options on campus like the Health & Counseling Center.” Hannah Kehrer

Importance of Exercise/Activity, Sleep and Nutrition

"Engage in cardiovascular exercise 3-5 times a week to improve mental and emotional health, decrease stress and improve sleep." Hannah Hipp

“Go to the bathroom on a different floor and take the stairs to stay active.” Dominic Collichio

“Exercise is very important. Make sure to take advantage of the gym and the classes that are offered to students. Exercising regularly can help manage stress, keep you healthy, and it can also help with mental health including anxiety and depression. If you don’t like working out at the gym, take group fitness classes. There is something for everyone.” Abby Anderson

“Sometimes going to bed earlier and waking up earlier benefits you way more than pulling that all-nighter. Making sleep a priority will carry into all other areas in your life, whether it be relationships, academic success, stress, mental functioning, memory, or even mood. “ Abby Post

“In order to get all the benefits of sleep, try to go to bed at about the same time every night. Research has also shown that staying away from (electronics) screens right before bed can lead to a more restful night’s sleep.” Summer Griffin

“Free resources like yoga classes and mindfulness club have been major supporters of my health at UNCA. Be aware of what’s around you and be sure to take advantage. Attend club fairs and find class schedules at Campus Recreation.” Michael Moss

“Being in the HWP department has sparked my appreciation for healthy eating. Choosing more nutritious food has been great for my energy and wellness overall!” Carey Taylor