Mission and Student Learning Outcomes


The Health and Wellness Department is dedicated to providing students with a rigorous, rewarding educational experience grounded in close working relationships with faculty. Our graduates are trained to think critically, engage in scientific inquiry, communicate effectively, cultivate an understanding of human diversity, and value collaboration and service. Graduates are prepared to excel in health and wellness both professionally and personally, seeking to enhance quality of life and health for themselves and others. The Health and Wellness Department is also committed to leadership in building a culture of wellness through workforce development, applied scholarship, and community engagement.

Student Learning Outcomes

HWP majors will understand and be able to articulate the scientific concepts underlying health promotion and primary prevention of disease.

HWP majors will demonstrate the ability to reflect on and clarify their own values resulting in genuine respect for differences among people and ideas in individual, group, community, and global health promotion settings.

HWP majors will demonstrate effective oral and written health communication skills. 

HWP majors will develop skills to effectively motivate changes in health behavior, utilize health assessment tools and to plan, implement and evaluate health promotion programs among diverse populations and in various health promotion settings.