In the liberal arts tradition, the major in Health and Wellness Promotion is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students to provide educational, informational, and support services to populations at risk for chronic diseases, particularly preventable diseases related to lifestyle. The program includes instruction in health promotion publicity, public relations, personal wellness coaching/counseling, health promotion campaign management, preparation of health promotion teaching aids and instructional materials, and applications to specific public health problems and campaign audiences.

The curriculum for the major (Bachelor of Science degree) or minor in Health and Wellness Promotion emphasizes multi-level programs aimed at the promotion of fitness and healthy lifestyles, prevention of childhood and adult obesity, chronic disease prevention, substance abuse prevention, worksite and senior wellness programming, developing cultural competence, and achieving racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic health parity. Areas of focus may include fitness and active living, food and nutrition, maternal and child health, and Pre-Health Professions.

Declaration of Major or Minor

Students can declare their major or minor online.

Students can choose from the following degree programs in the Health and Wellness Promotion majors and minors:

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Course Requirements

Consult UNC Asheville’s current course catalog for all Health and Wellness major/minor requirements and course descriptions.

For an overview of the classes that Health and Wellness students will take please consult the Health and Wellness Promotion (HWP) Curriculum list.

Pre-Health Professions Program

The Pre-Health Professions Program provides opportunities for students to learn more about the broad array of health care career options and guides them in successfully preparing for graduate or professional program admissions. Pre-medicine students and those interested in allied health careers (pre-health professions) may major in any discipline. They should complete the Pre-Health Professions program with the assistance of an advisor in the Department of Health and Wellness.