The Wellness Evaluation and Lifestyle Lab (“The WELL”)

Health & Fitness Testing

The UNC Asheville Health and Wellness Department houses several active laboratories that offer a variety of health and fitness assessments. These assessments include a general fitness assessment, high-level fitness assessments, body composition tests, and bone density scans. All testing is performed on campus in a professional and confidential environment by highly trained staff. Services are available to community members, UNCA students, faculty and staff. Please see the pricing table below for more detailed information on the tests available.

Assessment Options

High-Level Fitness Assessments

VO2 Max Test
A VO2 max test is the gold standard for measuring aerobic fitness. This test is an assessment of your body’s ability to use oxygen during exercise. As you increase your fitness level, adaptations occur in your body that allow you to use more oxygen and thus perform at a higher level. This test is completed on either a treadmill or bike and takes between 8 and 12 minutes. While you are hooked up to our metabolic cart that measures your oxygen usage, you will exercise at increasing intensities each minute until you reach your maximum use of oxygen.

Lactate Threshold Test
A lactate threshold test is a measure of fitness which provides results that you may utilize for training. This test is an assessment of how much lactate builds up in your blood during exercise. As you increase your fitness, you will be able to perform at higher levels without an excess of lactate buildup in your blood. This test is completed on either a treadmill or bike and takes approximately 20-30 minutes. While you are wearing a heart rate monitor, you will exercise for 4-5 minutes at increasingly higher intensities. At the end of each of these 4-5 minute stages, we will take a small blood sample (via finger prick) to assess your blood lactate levels. The test will continue until your lactate threshold (a lactate above 4 mmol/L) is reached.

General Fitness Assessment

The MicroFit System is a general fitness assessment tool that includes measures of blood pressure, resting heart rate, arm strength, back flexibility, submaximal cardiovascular fitness, and body composition (optional). The testing takes about 30 minutes to complete, and then these measurements are combined to create a fitness profile. The full assessment takes approximately 30-40 minutes.

Body Composition Tests

iDXA Scan
The iDXA scan is a full-body x-ray scan that differentiates between your fat mass, lean mass, and bone. It will provide you with your body fat percentage as well as raw values of fat, lean mass, and bone in different parts of your body including your arms, legs, trunk, mid-section, and hips/thighs. It also provides you with the amount of visceral fat you have (the fat associated with disease risk). In addition, you will receive an estimate of your resting metabolic rate based on estimated lean mass. For the scan, you will be asked to wear clothing free of metal and lie on a table for 8-10 minutes while the scan takes place. *Please note, you will need an order from a physician or nurse practitioner for this scan.

The BodPod uses a measure of your body volume (using how much air your body displaces) to estimate your body fat percentage. This test will provide you with your total body fat percentage as well as an estimate of your resting metabolic rate based on estimated lean mass. For this test, you will need to wear a swimsuit or spandex and sit in the BodPod for 2-3 bouts (of about 20 seconds each).

Bone Density Scans

iDXA Scan
In addition to a full-body x-ray scan, the iDXA can be used to assess your bone density and osteoporosis risk with site-specific scans of your hips, spine and wrist. These site-specific scans each take approximately 10 seconds. *Please note, you will need an order from a physician or nurse practitioner for this scan.

Assessment Pricing

For assessment pricing, please review our Health and Fitness Testing Pricing Table.

Lab Hours

For all appointments and inquiries for Health and Fitness Testing, email


The WELL is located on the UNC Asheville campus in the Sherrill Center. The Sherrill Center is located off the main University Heights circle at 227 Campus Drive, Asheville, NC 28804.

You will receive directions and parking instructions when you schedule your test. Please note that you will use the Visitor Parking spaces in the parking garage adjacent to the Sherrill Center. Visitor permits are free of charge and can be obtained in advance by using the Online UNC Asheville Permit Portal or by visiting Weizenblatt Hall for a paper permit.

You can also call 828-251-6710 to register your car with Campus Police as a visiting vehicle when you park.