Peak Performance Biofeedback Lab

Biofeedback training is the process of using physiological measures from the body to help an individual both enhance self-awareness and non-invasively regulate his or her physiological functioning. Biofeedback training has been shown to not only enhance athletic performance but also emotional wellbeing and academic performance. In this way, biofeedback training enhances the whole athlete.

Biofeedback includes any technique in which people are trained to use physiological signals from their body, such as heart rate, muscle tension, and body temperature, to help them relax, achieve optimal performance, and possibly improve their health.

How can biofeedback benefit athletes?

The goal of the center is to educate and train members of the UNC Asheville community to manage stress and achieve and maintaining optimal performance through the use of a variety of biofeedback techniques. Additionally, the center exists as a resource to students interested in pursuing general research related to biofeedback.

At this time the Biofeedback Center is not equipped to conduct biofeedback in the treatment of any medical or psychological conditions, nor are counseling services currently part of the programming being offered. This is a coaching and research center only.

Biofeedback Team

Dr. Laura K. Jones
Laboratory Director

Julia Diesel
Laboratory Manager

Cheri Fleming
Laboratory Coordinator

N. Cole Pruitt
Athletics’ Consultant

Kiersten Thiel
Research Assistant

Courtney Naber
Research Assistant

Joel Navaro
Research Assistant

Location, Scheduling & Contact Information

The Biofeedback Lab is located in Sherrill Center Room 451.

If you have been seen in the center previously and would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Laura K. Jones at 828-251-6123 or

Once the center reopens to new users, a new scheduling system will assist with making online appointments.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at