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Biometrics Lab

The Biometrics “Fit” Lab offers several exciting fitness assessment opportunities including: manual assessments, Microfit, and Bodpod. In the Fit Lab, trained students will conduct tests in a professional, confidential manner. The tests may include: blood pressure, body composition, strength, flexibility and a submaximal aerobic test. We follow ACSM* exercise testing guidelines and use specialized equipment including the BodPod and Microfit. You will receive a printout of your results and our student lab team member will discuss the results with you.
*ACSM= American College of Sports Medicine

Biometric services are available to UNCA students, faculty and staff, as well as to the community for a fee. Please contact us at the email below for more information or to make an appointment.

All assessments are by appointment only. Please email to schedule a session.

Biometrics Lab brochure

Fitness Assessment Opportunities

Manual Assessments

  •             Grip Strength
  •             Blood Pressure
  •             Height
  •             Weight
  •             Sit and Reach
  •             Walk or Run Aerobic Fitness Test

Microfit Assessments             

  •         Cardio Submaximal (bike) Test
  •         Bicep Strength
  •         Trunk Flexibility
  •         Blood Pressure


  •     Body fat percent testing using air displacement

Lab Hours

Spring 2018:

For all appointments for the Biometrics Lab, email

Hours for students, faculty and staff are Mon & Wed from 3:30 - 5:00 pm. If you need other times, email the Fitlab. All appointments need to be confirmed.

We also see community members by appointment.

For all other inquiries regarding the Biometrics Lab, please call Ellen Garrison at 828-250-3846.

Note: Lab hours are set at the beginning of each semester and are based on student availability.


The Biometrics "Fit" Lab is located on the UNC Asheville campus in room 409 in the Sherrill Center. The Sherrill Center is located at One University Heights, near Campus Drive, beside the Kimmel Arena. When you schedule your appointment you will receive a visitor parking pass to print out and place on your dashboard when you arrive. Please use the Visitor Parking spaces in the parking garage adjacent to the Sherrill Center.

You can request a visitor parking pass in advance when scheduling an appointment or call 828.251.6710 to register your vehicle with the university as a visitor when you arrive.

The entrance to the Sherrill Center is located near the back of the parking garage on the left.

Health and Wellness Department
Room 409 Sherrill Center
UNC Asheville
One University Heights
Asheville, NC 28804