Who We Are

In UNC Asheville’s Department of Health and Wellness, we offer flexible programs designed to support students in promoting health in a variety of populations and settings. With a focus on holistic approaches to wellness, our curriculum includes and integrates nutrition, exercise science, mental health, and public health. Our faculty are as passionate about creating healthier communities as they are about helping students find their calling. Beyond the classroom, students pursue internships and employment, research projects, leadership experiences and community-engaged learning opportunities.

What You’ll Learn

All students will receive an integrative and holistic educational experience that includes gaining foundational knowledge in human physiology, chronic disease, nutrition, exercise science, mental and emotional health, research methodologies, and public and community health.

Building on this foundation, you will have the opportunity to choose one of three concentrations within the Health and Wellness Promotion major:

  • Health Sciences
  • Public Health
  • General Health and Wellness Promotion

About Our Concentrations

Course Requirements

Students interested in Health Sciences pursue careers in areas such as physical therapy, nursing, medicine, occupational therapy, neuroscience, counseling, holistic health, nutrition, and exercise science. As many of these career areas require additional education, UNC Asheville also has a Pre-Health Professions Program that provides students additional support for graduate school preparation.

Students interested in Public Health pursue careers in areas including health promotion and program coordination in and with community-based organizations, public health departments, schools, care facilities, hospitals, businesses, and other entities. Graduates also may advocate for systemic policy changes that support the health and wellbeing of populations, working with advocacy and other organizations. Public health graduates also pursue graduate studies in fields such as community health, health behavior and society, epidemiology, health policy and management, mental health counseling, social work and other fields.

Students interested in General Health and Wellness Promotion pursue careers in community health, health education, fitness and nutrition promotion, and holistic health modalities in a variety of settings such as non-profit organizations, gyms and fitness facilities, workplaces, educational settings and government agencies.

Students in the Health and Wellness program will also have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for aerobic and anaerobic fitness assessment, body composition testing, biofeedback assessment and training, health promotion and disease prevention research as well as a teaching kitchen for hands-on learning to put nutrition principles into practice.